Kunkle Valve

Emerson's Kunkle brand is a premier manufacturer of safety, safety/relief and relief valves. Valves for liquid, gas/vapor and steam (direct fired boiler service, or off-boiler steam applications). Pressure relief valves for Code and non-Code services. Air/gas/vapor, liquids, steam, hot water boilers, bypass service, vacuum relief, all manner of models of safety and safety/relief valves for ASME Section XIII (Section I, IV and VIII) Code requirements (ASME/NB Code Stamps for "V" / "HV" / "UV"). Valves are available in iron, bronze/brass, steel and stainless steel. Contact us for options in specialty alloys or other materials. Configurations are available for all types of service conditions, for applications from full vacuum to 6500 PSIG+. Kunkle also manufactures drip pan elbows for installation typically in conjunction steam safety valves.

Applications include hot water and steam boiler relief, steam relief in process piping, liquid relief for protection of piping systems, tank truck relief, air compressor relief, liquid bypass service, overpressure or vacuum protection of pressure vessels, steam sentinel relief, fire protection and more.

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