Mueller Steam Specialty

World class manufacturers of pipeline strainers, check valves, combination valves, suction diffusers , butterfly valves. All styles of strainers including Y type, simplex basket, duplex basket, in all materials and end configurations threaded, socket weld, butt weld, grooved, and flanged. Check valves include wafer double door spring loaded, grooved end double door, wafer center guided, flanged center guided, UL / FM approved valves for fire protection system s and more. Specialty products include combination valves for balance, check, and shutoff of hydronic systems, pump suction diffusers, fabricated strainers, temporary strainers, fire line strainers, turbine meter strainers, and more. Butterfly valves 2” to 36” pipe size, wafer, lug wafer, grooved end, in Cast and Ductile Iron bodies, various elastomeric liners, with Ductile Iron, Aluminum Bronze, Stainless, and Monel discs.

Applications for Mueller products are almost endless. Strainer uses include the protection of natural gas and water meters, all process piping where process contamination could be harmful to the pumps, equipment, or the finished product flowing through the piping, straining plant water with units that allow for switching baskets for cleaning without shutting down the process protected.

Check valves are designed for prevention of flow reversal in piping systems. All of Mueller’s check valves are of the spring assist design, which allows the valve to close before flow reversal reducing the possibility of hammer in the line. The various configurations of valves allow for selection of the right type valve to meet the specific flow conditions. The wide variety of materials of construction allow for the handling of almost any media.

Applications for specialty products allow for the protection and balancing of hydronic heating and cooling systems, fire system piping, startup conditions, and other specialty end configurations and applications in the commercial and industrial markets.

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