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SMG Valves

SMG Valve offers three types of plug valves:

Keyport Valve:

Keyport series 400 eccentric plug valve features compact size, light weight, UL and CSA listed plug valves with corrosion resistant plug, double seal for tight shutoff and safety, o-ring stem seals, baked on thermoplastic body seat surface, and choice of end connections. Keyport valves can be used as balancing and shutoff valves for air conditioning, hot and chilled water valves, manual burner shutoff valves of city gas supplied by public utilities, fuel oils, compressed gas lines, shutoff and use in water piping for fire protection equipment.

Permaseal Valve:

Permaseal plug valves feature a tapered non-lubricated plug and two individual seats that provide a double seal and bi-directional shutoff. The valves are designed for on-off and diverting applications in chemical, power, mining, and paper industries. Permaseal valves handle clean viscous and corrosive liquids, clean and corrosive gases, and low pressure steam. Permaseal valve seats are easily replaceable in the field without removing the valve from the line.

Chem-Plug Valve:

Chem-Plug PTFE sleeved and PFA fully lined plug valves are offered in a wide variety of materials of construction, and with either a conventional diaphragm top seal, or a V ring top seal design. The V ring design features a full set of chevron packing rings and independent adjustability of the valve stem seal and the plug process seal. These valves are used in many industrial applications including liquid chlorine service, chemical service, and slurry applications. Valve are provided in both 2 way and 3 way configurations, and can be offered in a fire safe version meeting APR 607 for external leakage, double block and bleed, and steam jacketed versions as well.

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