Urecon Insulated Pipe

Pre-insulated pipe, tubing, and fittings. Urecon pre-insulates any core pipe such as ABS, copper, CPVC, ductile iron, FRP, HDPE, polyethylene, PVC, carbon steel, and stainless steel, with a void free polyurethane foam. Then an outer jacket is applied per customer specifications. Various outer jackets are available including polyethylene wrapped tape, galvanized steel, aluminum lock seam, polyethylene casing, white PVC casing, and other special materials on request. Pre-insulated PEX tubing is also available. Piping can be provided with heat trace channels. Complete heat tracing systems are available from Urecon.

Applications include, buried and above ground chilled and heated water lines, restaurant grease lines, waste lines, snow melt systems, district heating systems, Highway bridge crossings, municipal water systems, mine water, reclaim water and tailings pipe lines, outdoor system connection of heating and cooling systems between buildings in schools, hospitals, prisons, and any other buildings with a central heating or cooling system, and building hookup from central geothermal systems.

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